Tuesday, October 24, 2006

knitting and felting

I've been going crazy knitting and felting lately. These are my latest creations. I've already sold the blue one, but if you are interested in one like the blue one I can make another. The pink is verigated pinks and a beige colorway crochted into a floral and then felted and hand embroidered and beaded by me. They have pin backs so that you can attach them anywhere you'd attach a pin. I've got more in the works and will post them here and to my etsy shop as soon as I get them finished. Let me know if there is a color you'd like to see, and I'll do what I can to search it out for you. :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More Art Cards for SAC

I've been doing rather well with the challenge. I am however 210 cards lacking. Thankfully I have13 days to make that 210. Geez that's a lot of cards in 13 days. I hope to make a huge dent tomorrow. I'll be spending most of the day in art mode. I've got a few swaps to complete and some personal swaps. Then I'll be all caught up and can play at other things. My card goal for tomorrow is 25 cards. If I can do 25 cards or more, I'll be over the total card count I need to do daily to make my 300 mark by the end of october. So here is a picture of the 85 I have made thus far. These pictures don't count the 6 or 7 I completed tonight. This image above has my faux postage cards I did for a group swap I am in. I did two different ones. The star image in the center, and the little space man at the top. These cards are all original colored images. I had to make 9 of each. You can also see another of my kokeshi images. I'm thinking tomorrow I'll work on an alphabet set, and perhaps some fabric cards. It all depends on what I get done in the morning. I'm hoping to get my images done for an eyes swap. I have a few already, but need to do more. I also need to complete all my mother earth cards. I haven't completed mine yet as I wanted to do some research on differnt cultural ideals on "mother earth". Hopefully I can get some of that completed tomorrow as well.

A friend of mine (Rose..**waving**) has told me that I should enter a competition for a rubber stamping company. They are running a contest where you get the chance to win Designer for a stamp set for the company. I'm feeling a little leary about it, but might do it as it's just a bit uncomfortable and I'm beginning to find that when I feel that discomfort I need to jump in with both feet and break that comfort zone. I'm still not sure yet however.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My beginnings for SAC

I am participating in an art by the card event through Sharpie Scouts. I'm having a great time already.It's based loosely on the Art by the Inch challenge as we were all lamenting the fact that the site hasn't been updated in awhile and we thought we'd do our own little challenge. We decided to cut from the square inch idea and go with art by the trading card. We have different levels...and silly me picked the highest (i like a good challenge) I took the 300 card challenge. I need to make 300 atcs by the end of October. So far I'm not doing too badly sticking to my quota. I'll be trying to make extras tonight to give me a bit of a buffer incase I run into a glitch in scheduling time to do art. :) So here are ones I completed last night.
the birds are based on a theme week I am doing with a new art friend. We've decided to help inspire each other to art and the theme we agreed on for this week is birds. So I've been thinking birds lately. The kokeshi doll is just one of those things that pops up while you're randomly looking for things and then gets stuck in your head. I've got a few worked up that I haven't colored yet. I might be trying a fabric version soon or perhaps even a amigurumi version. This is an image of all 15 cards I did last night.