Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The mask I did for the trade on SP. I like the way it turned out. I had a different idea when I first started, but love the way this turned out instead. I was originally just going to leave it full florals and hold them on by eyelets, but I love the way this looks so full with the florals pulled apart and glued down. It just seems more natural.

My first oil painting in years! I love the blendibility of it but have hard time not smearing it. I'm getting better at holding my hand away from the canvas though. This is 16 x 20.

New things for etsy

All this fun artwork went to my etsy store. They had the big crash and I figured it was time to get some more new artwork up. Unfortunately since they offered free listing, my stuff didn't stay on the front page long. That really stinks, so I'lll have to make some more and get myself up in lights once again. I don't have enough of a draw to the store yet and no one "hearts" me. Which is just being a favorite seller of someone's ...Oh well..I'll get there someday. ;)