Sunday, July 22, 2012

Win a kindle fire from ereader1

Check it out! eReader 1 US is one of the best e-reader facebook pages out there. If you're not currently following them, I suggest you high tail it over there and them out. You'll find a great resource for awesome free books and fun tips and tricks. They're currently running a giveaway to win yourself your very own shiny spanking new Kindle Fire! You can put your entries in on the side bar of this blog!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

artistic photo editing.

I've been playing around editing images I took. I'm really having fun punching up the "arty" quality of them. I took these lovely pictures of my sister at the lake and have manipulated them to look a bit painterly. This one is currently available via my ViridianMuse ETSY shop as well as some of my painterly florals. I'm working on getting more listed, but haven't had time to sit down and get them into listing mode.

I love taking floral iamges. I haven't had much of a chance to do any floral photography this year, or last for that matter. Dragging a toddler and camera equipment out for a hike to find good images is not an ideal , nor creative trip. I can just envision broken camera/lenses.

This is one of my favorite florals so far. This bunch of white lilacs are so stunning. I'm thinking of getting this image blown up to at least a 16 x 18 or whatever that large of a size would amount to. I think framing it in a nice simple black frame would look really elegant. I've got far more colorful images to upload, but this one just speaks to me for some reason.

I'll be working on more silk tie pins in the coming week. I think Tuesday I'll be taking a trip around to see if I can find any ties I can't live without. The ones I have currently are in shades of gold, gun metal grey, a black white and purple print, and an orange paisley print. They're time consuming to make, but I enjoy the process greatly! Be on the lookout for more pins to join this one!

Monday, July 02, 2012

I'm back! It's taken me awhile...but I'm finally back. I've been working on getting photographs of my ribbon rosette pins. I've got some great ones coming up. I'll also be listing my first etsy listing for my silk tie florals. I've been trying to perfect my technique and had a few I just wasn't ready to give to the world.  Now that I've figured out a few different ways I want to do them, I'll be listing them on etsy as I get them made.

Here's my first pin listing from the weekend:  This one turned out so cute!  It's a lovely bubblegum pink color with little orange polka dots. In the center is a stardust style dark purple button with gold edging. So cute! Keep your eyes peeled! More things coming soon!