Thursday, January 16, 2014

A little fairy to make your day.

The custom fairy orders have been rolling in. I've been enjoying creating those one of a kind specialty pieces that make someone's day that much more special. This was a piece from a repeat customer. She had bought a single fairy and was so thrilled with it she came back for 4 more. It was so fun creating for her. This one was made with the word Milagros in mind. The little cross shield had a little metal heart attached to the back. I do love a good challenge. I've had a few this year. I've also been asked a few times this year to create boy fairies. I do create boy fairies, but tend to wait for that special order. I have posted some in my shop before and they just sit sadly alone, the little wall flowers that they are. I'll soon be preparing animal themed artwork and toys in the hopes to have quite a few things done in time for an event at the local Bottlebrush Gallery in Harmony PA. They host a fundraiser for the humane society. I missed donating last year because I found out about it too I'm hoping to get a jump on things for this year. Don't forget! Now is the time to put your orders in for your custom Valentine's fairies! Don't wait until it's too late! My custom design blocks are booking up fast.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Bring on 2014!

Greetings little corner of the interwebs...I've been neglectful in updating my blog in response to trying to build a fan page on facebook. As it now stands, my limited followers rarely see my posts any more. So 2014 will bring more blog postings from me here. I'm going to breathe life into this little window into my life and try to update at least weekly, if not more. I'm looking to make a lot of changes in my life this year, and this is but a small part. We had a lovely Christmas holiday here. My 3.5 year old thrilled in Christmas this year. He spent nearly an hour collecting, and opening and ahhhing over his gifts. His faces were priceless, and his joy boundless. It was a real breath of unadulterated joy after a long, stressful work up to the holiday. My non art related job is one that is absolutely insane leading up to the week of Christmas. After that we get to enjoy the holiday and take a small break into the new year to recover from the end of October-November-December madness. So I leave you with a view to our living room. My husband is the amazing gift minder. Making sure gifts are purchased that will bring thrills and joy, without breaking the bank. I think nearly all of my son's presents this year were clearance purchases over the year by my husband. He's an AMAZING deal hunter.