Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Delli the Duck

I've seen a lot of talk on this amigurumi and had to try it out. This is the first of my trials. I've got a head for a brown bunny in the works, but really haven't figured out how I"m going to go about getting a face onto him. Delli's pretty small as you can see with the shot of him in my hand. He's only about four inches high. He's got a little bit of a 'tude with the way his wings turned out. I tend not to work from patterns for two reasons. A) I can't read the ones that I find because they're in Japanese. B) I've never been good at being satisfied with the way something has turned out when working from patterns. So I wing it almost every single time. So this is how he turned out! :)

The Item I sold on ETSY

This is the card I sold on ETSY. I play around with patter on patterns all the time with my sharpies. I can't wait to hear what the person has to say when they receive it! I'll be so happy when they do!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

A few digital Macros.

I was playing with the digital this morning while the sun shined through my window. I love to photograph florals in natural light. Here's a few of the resulting pictures I got.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Lion Complete and some snow..just a little

Well here's the completed lion. He's all done stitched together and ready for loving from my little two year old nephew! He'll be so excited! At least I hope he will! This lion started out as a scarf, and once I saw the gold and orange together it begged to be turned into a lion. I'm now getting into amigurumi. That's just now come into my radar though so it'll probably be awhile before I post anything with it. So here he is Ra-Ka the lion. Oh and the snow from yesterday's snow fall. I wasn't home to catch today which was even more close to blizzard conditions. These pictures are shortly after I noticed the fist sized snowflakes coming down. By the time I had grabbed my camera they had already turned smaller.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Purse From Last Christmas

I made this purse for my brother's wife last year for Christmas.

Green Gregory Ra (that's his name according to my nephew who's his owner now)

half way there! :) My little lion toy. He'll be able 12 inches or so when done.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

random day of arts and crafts

I'm currently at work and the kiddo is playing with playdoh. I have been using this time to fit in little bits and pieces of artworks. I'm in the process of knitting a lion doll, which Im not sure what I'll do with. I'll either give it to my two year old nephew for Christmas or I'll try to sell it. I'm trying to get caught up with all my obligations to my yahoo groups. I'm a bit behind on sending out trades and planned on getting them all packed up yesterday morning before work. The dear hubby had the day off (unplanned of course) and we ended up sleeping in real late for both of us. It was nice though, like an extra weekend day.

So tomorrow morning I'll be packaging things up to get them out and on their way. I've got to figure out what goes to whom and then I'm good to go. I'm off now to search for ideas on some themes I was asked to play with. Ta for now ;)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Completed my fabric sister card for the fabric group

My self portrait atc for the fabric sister swap in fabricatcsonetoone.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Finished another doll

I finished up another doll today. I had her completeled except for the color in her face and the finishing around her head.I think she turned out pretty neat. I'll be trying to sell her at She'll be my first venture into getting my "real" artwork selling. I sell things through cafepress, but those are just prints. It seems to be a pretty nice place to list things. The fee isn't that high and it seems to be a hub of activity. We'll see how it goes.

I've now got two dolls left to finished up and one doll that's just been recently stuffed. She waits in a plastic bag for me to have a chance to get to stitching her the rest of the way together. I'm in the process of cutting out a hat pattern right now and hope to have that stitched together in the next couple of days. I'm hoping that after Christmas, I'll be able to have a few days where I can laze about the house in my pjs making purses and hats until my heart's content. I think with my pay from this week, I'll be running out to joanns to pick up some good tweeds and twills to make nifty hats out of. The one I'm currently making is just a cotton hat. Nothing fancy, just wanting to try out the pattern and she how it turns out. Hopefully my sewing skills aren't so rusty that I can't figure out what the heck I'm doing!

Today's a day of arting!

We were going to go out and try to finish up Christmas shopping but the dear hubby isn't feeling well. That works to my benefit though as I can spend the day doing all kinds of arts and crafts. I'm hoping to get some more snowmen painted. I had a blast and hope to do some a'la Calvin and Hobbes. I just loved his snowman ingenuity. I also need to do some fabric atcs to keep my group happy. My head doesn't wrap around fabric cards as easily as it does with hand drawns. I have the same problem with collage. Collage takes me double the time it takes to do a hand drawn or painted card. I'm having a blast in the groups I'm in and love every minute of playing around with things! I'm also thinking of participating in a tarot swap hosted by someone from my Sharpies group. I've been thinking of doing a tarot deck for a long time and have discussed doing so with many of the creative people I've met online. Nothing has come of it so far, but this might be my opportunity to play around with things a bit.

After the "big" snowfall we got Wednesday night and early Thrusday morning, I was inspired to do's a few of them.

So off I go to create like a mad woman. :)

Friday, December 09, 2005

The Beginnings

So it begins. My journey into art blogging. I've seen so many pretty art blogs and figured it was time to give my art a place to call home. I'm in the process of working on getting my artwork to sell. Hopefully by the new year I'll have sold at least one of my own pieces. Hopefully by the end of January, I've got a full line of nice artwork flowing through the selling spots of my choosing. I've currently been working on dolls. I've got a few in varying degrees of completion. I've got to finish a little alice in wonderland doll for a dear girl. She's been waiting for a face and I have yet to find the right face for her. I love doing dolls and want to learn more about forming faces and fingers and toes. I also want to learn to make teddy bears and other plush creatures. So my goal for the new year will be to make at least three teddy bears and three assorted plush beasties. I need to find a good resource for saftey eyes and other things along that line. Anyone who might have some good leads, please feel free to let me know. I'd appreciate it!