Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My Hearts chunky book pages.

I did these pages for a chunky book. Took me awhile..but I'm happy with the results.

I did this while taking a break from the chunky book pages I was working on tonight. I'm quite happy with it and have named it Tumultuous Love. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing to do with it just yet. It's not quite as vibrant as the picture suggests. That's the only bad thing about scanning watercolor. I think it turned out lovely though. Should I sell it? Should I keep it? Should I give it away? I'm undecided...................................

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I love this piece. I loved it so much I had to turn it into clothing on my cafe press shop. My mother (my biggest fan) Told me she'd like to see it on a mug, so I took it to cafe press and made a mug for her. I then decided to put it onto shirts so I could wear it. I've since worn out two shirts with it on. I'm on my third one and it's looking a little worn. Squiggles show up a lot in my art. I find it fun to scribble for hours at a time making art like this. It relaxes me and makes me happy.

This is a sketch I did for an illustration class I took about four years ago. We had to pick a theme and base all of our artwork around the theme we choose. I did it on poor quality paper unfortunately. You can tell in the background especially, there's a roughness to the stroke marks that is a bit childish. I liked how she turned out. My other pieces are large, three canvas pieces (not pretty. I was still very new to painting people ) and about three pen and ink pieces. My pen and ink pieces turned out well, though they have no background and look a bit bare.

The Moon Queen. One of my most favorite pieces. She's done in Sharpie marker and gel pens. I've found I do a lot of "star gazers" and I'm not quite sure why. They just seem to flow from me. Usually when doing a giant bunch of cards, I tend to turn out at least one star gazer in the grouping.

Celia, made for a swap on a group I'm in. It was a things with wings swap and I did all sorts of things. Angels, pigs with wings, even a cow.

More Old Works.

These are Animal Spirit atcs I did. I was in a swap where we were to take our animal guardians and make them into cards. I love little indian fetish animals and took my inspiration from those. I wanted to do a whole animal series like this and make up a deck of cards. I might still do so in the future. These have been traded away though. I'll have to start all over again. I enjoy the process though and I think I will have fun playing around with the ideas again. Coming up with interesting backgrounds to put with them and making them. These were done in colored pencil. I'm sure you can tell that though. You can see the pencil marks in the scan. I hate my scanner because it skews the colors to a certain degree. The purples turn out blue which really bothers me, but the blues stay strange is that. I'm going to have to work on sketches for these.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Some early Sharpie Artwork

The Fire Queen mask. I love masks and have made a bunch of different sharpie works in the mask theme. This one I found particularly fun to make. I tend to start with a basic mask shape and then slowly alter the shape until it inspires some sort of idea for the type of mask it would be. I do believe the gold in the background was gel pen, but I'm not exactly sure. That was three years ago.

Carrying on the mask theme...
Not one of my favorites..the Water Witch mask. I used a glossy stock and you can see the stroke marks. Glossy works on occasion, but this time didn't work at all.

This set of images was for a swap at nervousness. They are all sharpie works. I particularly loved the high priestess and the bottom two. They just worked out so well. I couldn't have been happier with the results I got . The top left and the bottom left cards are both done on glossy stock. This is an instance where the glossy stock worked well for me and really made the piece extra special. Here's a larger version of the High Priestess of Night card. A really nice piece of work with the color blending on the hat. Unfortunately the scan was a little darker than the actual piece was.

Twilight Beauty. I loved the way this one turned out. I was playing around the silouettes, and came up with this one. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with it when i just had the pencil sketch. So I laid out the purple background first, thinking that would direct what i wanted to do. Boy did it ever! From the purple background I got the feeling of the night sky and constellations. So Twilight beauty ended up being a constellation.

Looking over past works

I was cleaning today and found a disc with old art files on it. This was before we had the giant hard drive crash and I lost a lot of my saved artwork. That was a giant loss for me! So much artwork that I have sent out into the world, lost in a few minutes to a hard drive crash! That really makes you realize the value of backing up your PC. **sigh** lessons learned... So here are some of my older works.

I did this braclet for a trade with someone. I had no idea what size to make it. It was suppose to be an anklet or braclet, but the girl was so small she ended up wearing it as a necklace! I loved the way it turne dout though.

Blue Moods. A piece I did for a gal in Canada. We were both members at and had agreed on a trade for "refridgerator art. Somethign that would bright up our fridges! One of the very few crayon pieces I have done in the past.

This bird was a photograph I took and processed myself. I took a course in darkroom process even though I had taken one way back when I was in high school. I had a blast and hope to soon have a dark room set up. I miss being in the darkroom and processing! I LOVE it. There's just something about taking everything through the entire process. I think it's one of my most favorite things to do. I have tons of shots from this day at the Zoo. My favorite is a leopard sleeping. It's not the best shot because they have a terrible diamond pattern fence right in front of everything. It's the only pen at our zoo that has terrible views of the animals.

This is a little fairy doll I did for a museum installement. A woman from was doing an instalation at the museum and asked a group of artist to alter blank doll bodies. This is what mine ended up looking like. A little hand sewn felt vest and floral bits skirt. Hand knotted hair and an embroidered face. A few months later the woman's daughter got married and some of the artist that had participated in the doll installment made bride dolls for her. I had a blast doing the bride. I made her a little tulle underskirt and teeny little buttons on her straps. She was very fun to do!


These are little wooden magnets I made awhile ago. The three last pieces are ones I carved into the wood to make. I have yet to put magnets onto those as I think I want to turn them into pins. The rest however have a sturdy circular magnet attached to the backs. All but one of the squares went in a swap with a group of people.