Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I love this piece. I loved it so much I had to turn it into clothing on my cafe press shop. My mother (my biggest fan) Told me she'd like to see it on a mug, so I took it to cafe press and made a mug for her. I then decided to put it onto shirts so I could wear it. I've since worn out two shirts with it on. I'm on my third one and it's looking a little worn. Squiggles show up a lot in my art. I find it fun to scribble for hours at a time making art like this. It relaxes me and makes me happy.

This is a sketch I did for an illustration class I took about four years ago. We had to pick a theme and base all of our artwork around the theme we choose. I did it on poor quality paper unfortunately. You can tell in the background especially, there's a roughness to the stroke marks that is a bit childish. I liked how she turned out. My other pieces are large, three canvas pieces (not pretty. I was still very new to painting people ) and about three pen and ink pieces. My pen and ink pieces turned out well, though they have no background and look a bit bare.

The Moon Queen. One of my most favorite pieces. She's done in Sharpie marker and gel pens. I've found I do a lot of "star gazers" and I'm not quite sure why. They just seem to flow from me. Usually when doing a giant bunch of cards, I tend to turn out at least one star gazer in the grouping.

Celia, made for a swap on a group I'm in. It was a things with wings swap and I did all sorts of things. Angels, pigs with wings, even a cow.

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LOVE these!

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These are just awesome!