Thursday, June 08, 2006

Another canvas

This is another sharpie canvas. I love putting sharpies to canvas, although in doing so it can really RUIN you sharpies. I was just going to leave this black and white, but found that it lacked a certain "punch" that I tend to favor in my art. I decided that just a few blasts of color would do the trick and set to work. Just like it happens with shiny surfaces, I found that the ink I had put down previously was lifting to a certain degree while color some spots. I don't know what it is that does this, I've talked with others who say they've never had that problem. It unfortunately makes a dead spot on the head of the marker. I'll be working on more shiny atcs here in the next few days. I love working on it and love the effects (you can see some below) but I have to be very cautious. This canvas is on sale in my etsy store located in the links to the right.