Saturday, February 25, 2012

Today's Featured Blog: Create To Feel Great

Welcome to Create To Feel Great's blog. This blog makes me happy just from the introduction paragraph. I mean, who doesn't want to finish something creative week for a year! I am amazing at the amount of creativity and range of project she has here! Check this kindle case! Not only are the projects she's doing amazing, the amount of openness on the blog is wonderful. She's sharing thought processes not just pictures of what she's doing now. Don't get me wrong, I like the next person love those swoony blogs with ethereal pictures of lovely things..but where's the meat people! This has it! Thanks for sharing DeeDee! Feeling inspired by DeeDee's blog? need a good creativity coach? See DeeDee here!

Today's featured blog: Deidre's Amazing Blog

Today I'm over at Deidre's Amazing Blog and the title couldn't be more fitting. Deidre has a knack with pottery. I love the newer post with the pottery with the lace patterned edges! Click through the photos! I love the pattern work. She's also got a cute tutorial for a squeaky dog toy. These would never survive with the beasty dogs in my life. They'd have it shredded in seconds..but if you have a dog who loves their toys rather than destroys, you might try this tutorial. These sgrafitto pieces are stunning and make me swoon! I can't imagine the time she put into getting these carved so lovely. Stop by to see Deidre's blog, and you can also find her etsy shop here if you're into pottery.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Today's featured blog: Vintage Terrace "2"

Today's featured crafting blog is from the lovely Vintage Terrace 2 This beautiful blog is full of inspiration. She does beautiful atcs with an eye to layering, but she also fills her blog with inspiring tutorials, or inspirational links and videos. It's one of those blogs you can get lost in! I love the little hits of her home life in the Ukraine and views from her location. This little butterfly makes me long for summer and working in the garden. I cannot believe her eye for color. It shows well in this lovely art journal. Scroll down to see the art journal page. It's amazing! So stop by and take the time to check out her blog, you just might get lost for awhile.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Today's featured blog: Bone-Needle Arts and Crafts

Today's blog is Bone-Needle Arts and Crafts. Do not let the art behind the blog fool you or make you move on! This blog is full of amazing arts and crafts based on antiquity! Her embroidery is swoon worthy, and so wonderful. I love the patch in this post! Her atcs mostly sit within the historical or ancient arts. I love the renaissance fashion atcs in this post! You really need to stop by and check her out.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Today's featured blog CRAFTING WITH BLUE

Rhonda @ Crafting with Blue This lovely little blog is full of wonderous paper crafts and scrapbook layouts. She's got an eye for layouts that aren't overly fussy or busy, with just the right amount of color and design. I love the current Valentine card she's got posted along with the link to where she found the pattern for the cute little card. Check out the ASL I love you sign card she did! I LOVE IT! She's also got a yardsellr account where you can find some really fun things! Check it out! Take a minute and check out her lovely blog!

Monday, February 06, 2012

Barely hanging on....

I've been away from creating for far too long. The last few fairies I did have been packaged and sent without so much as a photo taken of them. That's not like me at all, but finding time to do such things with a near 2 year old running around the house making messes, and fitting in my actual job, and then fitting in even more of my actual job once he goes to bed is a bit of an impossibility.

I've been finding time to do small things, quick on the dawn things. I wanted to have a lot of Valentine things to offer in my shops this year. All I have so far is this:
My little lovey whale. I've got four more square pieces like this penciled in, but haven't had a chance to sit and add color of any kind.