Tuesday, July 15, 2008

wowza! too long between posts!

Well it's been far too long between posts again. I've been kind of under a creative funk, and kind of (well ok, reallllllly)overly busy. It's been a little sad and depressing to be honest.

I've been dabbling in projects that take under an hour or there about to make as that's about all the down time I have before going to bed to prepare for the new day to dawn. The Sprout series of Amigurumi have been keeping me pretty happy. Their constantly popping up and making things happy. They're also something I can do a bit "mindlessly" as they're pattern free. They're like my flower fairies, they come out with their own personalities as I crochet along.

I'm thinking of doing rain drops/water droplets and little flame characters too. I've got a bird or two to do and a request for a Kangaroo. I've sold two of my little Sheepies, and need to finish a third. Things are slowly picking up.

I need to prepare more fairies. My site is looking thin at the moment. I've got a bunch of bodies prepared, but getting them wrapped and dressed and decked out in their fairy finest takes a bit more time than I've had lately.

So my last creative offering for this post, is my two lovely little blue birds. It's a 5x7 watercolor piece that I've put into the The Altered Art Queens

That's all for now!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

HOLY MOLEY! I'm winning!!!!

A lovely member of the FAE group is going through some really rough times medically. Numerous surgerys, and terrible pain. Some of the members have been doing some wonderful charity pieces of which the funds will be donated to Nora and her family to help defray costs.

I'm currently the highest bidder on this gorgeous piece from Battlemaide Studios! Check it out and maybe make a bid! Too lovely a piece to let it slip by, and an original no less! Seriously, I'm getting it at a steal if no-one outbids me!
here's the link! Go check it out!