Thursday, May 17, 2007

Meet Oskar

Meet Oskar! Number one in a new plushie series that I'm going to do. He's going to be the very first Eeppy Creepy Cuddlies. What do ya think? I've got a little story to go with him, but I haven't yet figured it all out. Hand and Machine embroidered with saftey eyes and hand cut felt teeth.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm back on a creation kick....

I'm finally feeling almost back to normal. Things have been a little nutty around here and it's caused me to slip into an uninspired mode. However, the veil is lifting! I worked on magnets a few days ago. I've got two of the sets photographed and the other I hope to have done tomorrow.

Then yesterday a creature appeared while I was visiting with my friend Lois. I took my box of felt to play around with thinking I was going to do more of the tropical felt pins, but couldn't get my head into them. I randomly cut out a felt shape after stithing up a small art doll I had waiting....and today Oscar came out! I'll be posting pictures of him tomorrow as he isn't quite finished. I think he turned out really cute!

Friday before my nephew comes for the day I'll be working on aprons for someone special! ;) The material is here and I have a pattern worked up..I just have to make sure the sizing is ok. I cannot wait to get into it. I'm in a sewing mood as of late!

So here are the magnets!

Friday, May 04, 2007

I've been a crazy busy girl!

Things around here haven't been too agreeable on the creative front! Unfortunately that means less time to spend on creating things, which means way less time spent on updating my blogs! However in the last couple of days I've been on some kind of neat freak, clean up, clean out mode! It's been great so far, but I've got a long way to go! Here are a few things I'd left unfinished and completed in the last couple of days.

A cupcake pin cushion:

A fun funky strawberry cupcake with chocolate icing! LOOK MA NO CALORIES AND FAT FREE TOO!
OOOOOPS! I just realized I don't have an image of that one yet! My darn camera is on the fritz (i hope it's just the battery!) and I could only squeeze out the image of the top cupcake!

And some ribbon pins I've been working on. I did the first two in the hotel while we were at the comic convention for the dear hubby! and the Blue one is from tonight!