Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm back on a creation kick....

I'm finally feeling almost back to normal. Things have been a little nutty around here and it's caused me to slip into an uninspired mode. However, the veil is lifting! I worked on magnets a few days ago. I've got two of the sets photographed and the other I hope to have done tomorrow.

Then yesterday a creature appeared while I was visiting with my friend Lois. I took my box of felt to play around with thinking I was going to do more of the tropical felt pins, but couldn't get my head into them. I randomly cut out a felt shape after stithing up a small art doll I had waiting....and today Oscar came out! I'll be posting pictures of him tomorrow as he isn't quite finished. I think he turned out really cute!

Friday before my nephew comes for the day I'll be working on aprons for someone special! ;) The material is here and I have a pattern worked up..I just have to make sure the sizing is ok. I cannot wait to get into it. I'm in a sewing mood as of late!

So here are the magnets!

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