Monday, September 22, 2008

West Highland Terrier Amigurumi

I had a swap recently with someone who had a west highland terrier. So I tried my hand at making a westie amigurumi! I think he turned out pretty cute!

My Latest ACEO

This is my latest ACEO. I was going to keep all my aceos to the alteredartqueens, but figured if they're fantasy related, I'll keep them on my original etsy shop. I love the way this turned out and the pictures just don't capture it at all.

Auroa goddess of dusk, streams across the sky dropping her star adorned jet hair across the land bringing in night. Her golden sunset crown sparks the last light in the sky before night falls.

The purple gets lost, and the oranges and reds just bleed together. It's hard to show off a lovely piece of artwork, when your scanner and camera don't want to particpate.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I've started painting again!

Thanks to swap-bot, I've picked up the paint again! This is my latest.

My swap partner liked the nouveau style. While this can't compete with the real thing, it's not a bad rendition. I love these gallery wrapped canvases (i think that's what they're called anyway) It allows you to bleed the work over the side. A great way for me to practice running my art "off the page" so to speak.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Finally! The Flower Fairies are BACK!

Check out my two newest flower fairies!

Triana the fairy of Goodness

Meet Triana! She's the fairy of Goodness. She's constantly there for a friend in need, does good deeds, always wants to help, and is just an all around good fairy. In her arms she' holds a lovely blue flower gift. It's her way of sharing the joy she gets out of giving!

Jemma the fairy of Wonderment

Meet Jemma! She's the fairy of childlike wonderment. She's the one who creates the joy and gleam of bubbles. She hand crafts all the gorgeous rainbow patterns that appear on bubbles. She's in charge of making the most interesting bugs irresistable to children. She makes sure they are dressed in their best glimmery, gleaming wings and shells to attract the most attention! She's great for keeping the amazing child-like wonder in the front of your mind

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Yellow Floral Brooches

Here are some lovely yellow brooches soon to be listed in the
Altered Art Queens Shop

This one has two lovely purple and fuschia shell buttons highlighed with a single pearlized bead.

This one has one large central white disc bead.

Each one is backed in yellow felt with a pin back attached. The pin back is stitched over decoratively for long wearing durability. No wimpy glued pin backs here!