Friday, September 05, 2008

Finally! The Flower Fairies are BACK!

Check out my two newest flower fairies!

Triana the fairy of Goodness

Meet Triana! She's the fairy of Goodness. She's constantly there for a friend in need, does good deeds, always wants to help, and is just an all around good fairy. In her arms she' holds a lovely blue flower gift. It's her way of sharing the joy she gets out of giving!

Jemma the fairy of Wonderment

Meet Jemma! She's the fairy of childlike wonderment. She's the one who creates the joy and gleam of bubbles. She hand crafts all the gorgeous rainbow patterns that appear on bubbles. She's in charge of making the most interesting bugs irresistable to children. She makes sure they are dressed in their best glimmery, gleaming wings and shells to attract the most attention! She's great for keeping the amazing child-like wonder in the front of your mind

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