Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Fairies!

New Fairies, possibly spoken for. I've got a whole new batch in the works though, so there will be plenty more where these flew in from!
You will notice the new metal wings, some of the fairies are wearing! How exciting! These metal wings work for ornaments, but not for pins (yet)..I'm trying to work out the logistics on that still. However, they're stunning!
You'll also notice some of the fairies are wearing their finest laces. These few just have a bit of lace. It's been a real challenge figuring out how to make the lace work with the construction of the fairies. I've got some other fairies with peeks of lace under or over their skirts, some wearing veils. Who knows how I'll figure out how to make it work from here on out! The more I play with it the more ideas I come up with!

Keep your eyes peeled on etsy and artfire! The fairies will be making their debuts soon!

Monday, April 20, 2009

new fairy products.

working on new ideas for the flower fairy series. This is the begining. I don't like the base but it was a good place to start. I'll be most likely painting the bases from now own as the wood just sucks up the sharpie. I'll probably try to keep them pretty plain and simple compared to this one. I think the lines are distracting and take awa from the posed fairies. I don't think I'll be doing moss on all of them or maybe not at all. I think it's kind of cute as it adds a bit of natural feeling to the set up.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nature Faries have been released!

Well the nature fairies have finally met their introduction to the world. They're up on cafe press now on various goods! I loved the way these turned out and was just waiting for the opportunity to get the onto something. They're just too perfect to leave hidden away in my stash of art

Friday, April 03, 2009


Well ok, now that I've got your attention, they're not really attacking. They haven't banded into an army yet...but it might happen! I've been on a squirrel kick and these guys are getting more adoable with every one I make! Here's a little grey squirrel and he's got four buddies just waiting to be stitched together. I've got brown squirrels in the works as well, but currently only have one of him sewn up. Oh and did I mention that they're irresistibly mini. They come in at just about 3.5 inches tall. Cute AND pocketsized!

I'm offering "unnatural" colored squirrels too! So if you've always wanted a pink squirrel, or a blue squirrel....let's have a chat! I'd love to make an odd colored squirrel for you! :)


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

100 ideas: A swap-bot challenge

These are things I did for the Swap-bot challenge. I'm going to be doing plenty more. We had to take Keri Smith's 100 ideas and work with them. We had to do at least five: here are my piece that are "digitally" recorded.
Map Everywhere you went in a day.
Well as you can see, I'm not a very good map maker. (cartographer?) This map is utterly boring and uninspired. I should have done different trips in different colors. That would have been at least a bit more exciting. I might try this again when I have an intersting day planned.

Create an image using dots. I had a blast doing this one and plan to do more dotty art. There's something very relaxing about doing art in dots.

#62 Write an entry in LARGE LETTERS: Ok this one was weird. It's like almost an incomplete though process. Fill an entry in large letters. That means it's got to be short sweet and to the point. So I think this sums it all up.

#100 Draw a Double Handed Mirror Image Drawing (this is one of my own..the last give are ideas of your own making)

#20 Write A Haiku: I like writing Haikus. This one is a bit simple, but i Wanted to play with the color/word play.

I've got another Haiku in a different book, but I can't find it. It's a tiny little portable book and it tends to slip under things and get lost.

So check out Keri Smith's blog and try the 100 ideas yourself. It's a lot of fun! I'm off to dig into the deeper more challenging of the ideas.