Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Fairies!

New Fairies, possibly spoken for. I've got a whole new batch in the works though, so there will be plenty more where these flew in from!
You will notice the new metal wings, some of the fairies are wearing! How exciting! These metal wings work for ornaments, but not for pins (yet)..I'm trying to work out the logistics on that still. However, they're stunning!
You'll also notice some of the fairies are wearing their finest laces. These few just have a bit of lace. It's been a real challenge figuring out how to make the lace work with the construction of the fairies. I've got some other fairies with peeks of lace under or over their skirts, some wearing veils. Who knows how I'll figure out how to make it work from here on out! The more I play with it the more ideas I come up with!

Keep your eyes peeled on etsy and artfire! The fairies will be making their debuts soon!

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