Saturday, January 21, 2006

Looking over past works

I was cleaning today and found a disc with old art files on it. This was before we had the giant hard drive crash and I lost a lot of my saved artwork. That was a giant loss for me! So much artwork that I have sent out into the world, lost in a few minutes to a hard drive crash! That really makes you realize the value of backing up your PC. **sigh** lessons learned... So here are some of my older works.

I did this braclet for a trade with someone. I had no idea what size to make it. It was suppose to be an anklet or braclet, but the girl was so small she ended up wearing it as a necklace! I loved the way it turne dout though.

Blue Moods. A piece I did for a gal in Canada. We were both members at and had agreed on a trade for "refridgerator art. Somethign that would bright up our fridges! One of the very few crayon pieces I have done in the past.

This bird was a photograph I took and processed myself. I took a course in darkroom process even though I had taken one way back when I was in high school. I had a blast and hope to soon have a dark room set up. I miss being in the darkroom and processing! I LOVE it. There's just something about taking everything through the entire process. I think it's one of my most favorite things to do. I have tons of shots from this day at the Zoo. My favorite is a leopard sleeping. It's not the best shot because they have a terrible diamond pattern fence right in front of everything. It's the only pen at our zoo that has terrible views of the animals.

This is a little fairy doll I did for a museum installement. A woman from was doing an instalation at the museum and asked a group of artist to alter blank doll bodies. This is what mine ended up looking like. A little hand sewn felt vest and floral bits skirt. Hand knotted hair and an embroidered face. A few months later the woman's daughter got married and some of the artist that had participated in the doll installment made bride dolls for her. I had a blast doing the bride. I made her a little tulle underskirt and teeny little buttons on her straps. She was very fun to do!

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