Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Delli the Duck

I've seen a lot of talk on this amigurumi and had to try it out. This is the first of my trials. I've got a head for a brown bunny in the works, but really haven't figured out how I"m going to go about getting a face onto him. Delli's pretty small as you can see with the shot of him in my hand. He's only about four inches high. He's got a little bit of a 'tude with the way his wings turned out. I tend not to work from patterns for two reasons. A) I can't read the ones that I find because they're in Japanese. B) I've never been good at being satisfied with the way something has turned out when working from patterns. So I wing it almost every single time. So this is how he turned out! :)


BerryPatchMama said...

awww how cute! You are so talented! You should make an entire zoo of animals :)

Leaver said...

Eeek! How cute!!