Friday, December 09, 2005

The Beginnings

So it begins. My journey into art blogging. I've seen so many pretty art blogs and figured it was time to give my art a place to call home. I'm in the process of working on getting my artwork to sell. Hopefully by the new year I'll have sold at least one of my own pieces. Hopefully by the end of January, I've got a full line of nice artwork flowing through the selling spots of my choosing. I've currently been working on dolls. I've got a few in varying degrees of completion. I've got to finish a little alice in wonderland doll for a dear girl. She's been waiting for a face and I have yet to find the right face for her. I love doing dolls and want to learn more about forming faces and fingers and toes. I also want to learn to make teddy bears and other plush creatures. So my goal for the new year will be to make at least three teddy bears and three assorted plush beasties. I need to find a good resource for saftey eyes and other things along that line. Anyone who might have some good leads, please feel free to let me know. I'd appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

very nice looking forward to seeing more of your art, as Iam a big fan of your art Rose Guerin

Rosebudinnh said...

Looking forward to seeing more of your art as Iam a fan of yours Rose Guerin

arttage said...

My friend and comod! A person anyone would love to know better! Chels I'm so glad we are friends. Looking forward to many future years of art and friendship with you buddy! Sanna