Saturday, December 10, 2005

Today's a day of arting!

We were going to go out and try to finish up Christmas shopping but the dear hubby isn't feeling well. That works to my benefit though as I can spend the day doing all kinds of arts and crafts. I'm hoping to get some more snowmen painted. I had a blast and hope to do some a'la Calvin and Hobbes. I just loved his snowman ingenuity. I also need to do some fabric atcs to keep my group happy. My head doesn't wrap around fabric cards as easily as it does with hand drawns. I have the same problem with collage. Collage takes me double the time it takes to do a hand drawn or painted card. I'm having a blast in the groups I'm in and love every minute of playing around with things! I'm also thinking of participating in a tarot swap hosted by someone from my Sharpies group. I've been thinking of doing a tarot deck for a long time and have discussed doing so with many of the creative people I've met online. Nothing has come of it so far, but this might be my opportunity to play around with things a bit.

After the "big" snowfall we got Wednesday night and early Thrusday morning, I was inspired to do's a few of them.

So off I go to create like a mad woman. :)

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