Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New Sharpie Art

Out of my love for turquoise and brown, I tried a little sharpie art to reflect that. It didn't work as I had hoped. The blue was too blue and not turquoise enough and the sharpie brown was too dark , while the crayola brown was too light. I'm going to have to try in acrylic as soon as I get my creative mess sorted out finally.

These were something new I tried. I found some photo stock for the printer for $1.00 on clearance at target. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but for a 1.00 my muse couldn't pass it by. I've found it's best not to argue with my muse, she can get bitchy and pouty like a little kid. Then she'll go into hiding for awhile. While it's hard to get the sharpie colors on close to each other without smudging them together, it made for some realy neat effects.

Then of course this silly swirl keeps bugging me and popping up in my art, so I figured I'd let it free and go with the flow. So here it is in two forms.


Tammy said...

Cool! I always love seeing your sharpie stuff! Are these ATC sized? Love the middle set! :)

Tammy (Tamberstone)

Anonymous said...

hi...this is amazing.Your sharpies are cool to travel into....wow