Friday, December 15, 2006

Older Mother Earth Cards

my cards from September October. My best one is missing from here as I sent it out this afternoon without scanning it. DUH! But I hope to get a scan from the girl I sent it to. The pink on the cheeks isn't as garrish in person as it looks in the scan. My computer really skews pinks and purples. I love the way her hair turned out though. It's so not my typical hair. I stink at doing hair to make it look realistic.


WolfSoulWings said...

I am not sure how you captured this art form, but I love the drawings! =) Again, I wouldn't have thought of doing this, so I'm completely fascinated with each new piece that you upload! =)

Kinda of like the fairies... I *love!* those too! And, wouldn't have thought to make them! hee hee

I like the card where she is sitting in the left upper corner!? That sort of resembles the balance and serenity I'd like to capture in my life someday, as I get back into Tai Chi Chaun + Buddhist mediation! =)


Amy L. Burns said...

absolutely beautiful! i love your art cards :)