Thursday, January 17, 2008


Yay my sencond Fairy for the new year. My first one went to a very special person! :) This is Antheia Queen of the Flowers. I love the way she turned out. She's so very purple and beautiful. I try to come up with a little blub story for each of my fairys. Most of the time they come to me while I'm creating the fairies themselves. As each fairy presents it's personality to me, a story usually emerges. I'm working on improving my photos of them to create more "wow" factor. I think this image is pretty, but I feel the background takes away from the fairy.

Her little story "She's the Queen and there's no doubting it. She loves to make sure all the flowers come up in time for the first spring blooming. Her favorites are the purple flowers of course, but she likes the other colors too. On her head she wears her little leaf crown and golden flower."

Another image of Antheia:

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