Friday, August 15, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas

"WHAT?!?! Christmas you say?? That's crazy, Christmas is a full three months away, nearly four if you take into consideration what's left of August."

Yes, but I'm actually late in planning for Christmas. Christmas shopping starts soon, and to have a fully stocked shop and things on hand for a holiday show or two, I should have started two months ago! I'm terrible for being on top of the holidays. I'm usually the one listing holiday things the week of the holiday. I'm trying very hard not to do that this year. I'm hoping that in the next few weekends I'll be able to put together a small bank of items to put on etsy, and a bunch of fairies to get listed. My fairies have been suffering since I took my current job a year ago. I haven't much time to create like I used to. Sure I like the money I make at my current job....but being able to craft on my down time would be nice.

So what's my goal this weekend? Well I've got a bunch of ornaments I'd like to get sew up, a few plush toys, and perhaps even an amigurumi or two. Now, that's a bit over the top, but if I get at least two of those ideas into play, I'll be quite happy!

Oh and here's some eye candy for you! :)

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