Thursday, November 09, 2006

More art/crafts on sale.

Hi all! I've been felting again! I created a few more of the pink pin in different variations. I really like this one with the black beading in the middle. It really lends a nice touch and highlights the middle well. It's up for sale in my etsy shop . It's made from a wool/soy blended yarn from Paton's. I really like the color way. It's really pretty. Nice dusty roses to a pinky pink and then to a pinkish beige. Very pretty.

I then felted this stunning blue number. I called it Vintage Serenity Blues since I used a vintage reproduction button in the center. I left this one minimal as I thought the lovely blue and the button was enough to make it sing. I've got more in the works, but I'm missing my bead box at the moment so I won't be able to list more until I find it. You can count on seeing some more vintage repro buttons and more beading. I'm doing some with leaves and without and might come up with some more interesting ideas to do with them. Here's the blue

Here is a keychain I made as well to sell on etsy. It's got this cute little blue bird image on the front and a lovely heart on the back. It's really easy to pop the back piece off and add a picture of your own if you should choose. The art is all original, one of a kind. I didn't do editions or prints of it.


BAM said...

I like the colour of the blue/gray one - so serene. :) and the button is such a nice touch.

Chel said...

Thanks Bam! :)