Monday, June 01, 2009

Need to really get some photos edited!

I've got a bunch of photos to get prints and put onto disc. I love this one, of my niece last year. It's amazing how quickly they grow and change.

I'm also working on getting images loaded to my cafepress shop. Pretty soon you'll be able to get images of the flower fairies on cards and t-shirts. I'll be taking time over the weekend to get the first few up and loaded! Right now you can get the Nature Fairy watercolor images on cards and t-shirts. These are fairies I drew a few years ago. I absolutely loved them, and have been trying to re-create the style in other natural seeds and florals, but haven't yet been able to do it. I guess the muse only had plans for these three. Hopefully soon I'll be inspired again to make more. Check them out (warning-artful nudity on these fairies) The Nature Fairies are located under the "Fairy Corner" heading. You can also find some of my macro photography there as well!
Including some gorgeous white roses.

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