Monday, September 26, 2011

Custom Rainbow Fairy

Custom Rainbow Fairy by Chel Morning
Custom Rainbow Fairy, a photo by Chel Morning on Flickr.

My latest custom fairy. People are gearing up for Christmas and starting to place orders for gifts now. I'm so excited. I'll be making a large batch to take to the gallery soon. I know they're probably out. I haven't taken any in since Val was about 3 months old. I was hoping to be able to get more time in to do them, but he was not much of a scheduled sleeper and wanted to learn too many things to sleep longer than half an hour at a time. I can barely pull out my art supplies in that time let alone make fairies. It'll be nice to get back into selling at the gallery. Val's on a nice sleeping schedule which frees up time for me to work during the day and that allows for me to do some much needed crafting time at night! YAY! My brain has been in need of some creative outlet for awhile.

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