Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Art and Things Nice Show

I finally started digging through my show photos from this past year. I've been meaning to post what my set up looks like for the Art and Things Nice show and haven't had a chance to. My area is very tiny. This year it was very difficult for me to place everything I had made for the show. I had a basket of things I kept rotating. My little ballerina ornaments went better than the fairies this year. They're extremely cute and a great buy for a recital gift. I think I'll make more to list in my etsy shop too. My sweater pocket pets did pretty good, but did even better at the show the week before this one. I had to rush around making more for this show. Both of my little hand sewn squirrels sold as well as one of my spirit dolls. I was thrilled that she found a home.

I've been enlarging the squirrel pattern to make bigger ones, but haven't yet had the time without little hands involved to stitch them together. They'll just have to wait though until fairies fly out the door for the gallery and my other special order batches. I'll probably start in August to really start pumping out the sweater animals and squirrels.

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