Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Oh so many fun and interesting things!

Well, my 2014 has been full of joy, creativity and interesting new projects. My "pay the bills" job has been keeping me hopping. Which is really nice due to the fact I work for a very small mom and pop business and we've been surviving the poor economy. That's a blessing! I count my lucky stars for all the work. It does run into my free time to keep up with my happy making creativity bit though. If I didn't do art on a daily basis, I'd be MISERABLE, and no one would want to live with me! My art and craft has been going along at a mind bending clip lately. I pumped out an afghan to donate for a friend's Fundraiser for their mission trip to Honduras this year. I'm currently in the process of a fun artful adventure with my friend Ana from Art For Cures. We've know each other for years, and in the past two or so, have been tossing unicorns at each other. When we first became friends, I told her I wasn't the "Everything on my end is sunshine and lolipops and unicorns farting rainbows". Well that unicorn farting rainbow comment has stuck with us. So for the last few years, we've been hurling unicorn posts at each other on facebook! That has now become our next artful adventure together. We're working on 4 sets of "fairy tale" themed cards. The first three months were unicorn themed of course! You can see our updates and progress on Once Upon A Cause Our goal is to get these cards turned into fun concentration/match style game cards and donate the decks to children's charities and children's hospitals. I'm thrilled at the thought of bringing a bit of happiness into some little's life, and look forward to the next rounds. We're currently on the Gnome round......unicorns, I had no problem with. Gnomes are giving me a bit of a fit!!! So we'll see how easily I can complete this round...hopefully I won't get too frustrated with it. After that, July starts robots, and October starts Yetis. I'm looking forward to the fun! So pop on over and check out Once Upon a Cause if you have some spare time. You'll see our progress, when we have time to load, and some other fun things will be happening over there as well.

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