Friday, August 15, 2014

Time to get back to things!!

I've been a bit buried under life as of late and haven't been updating as I should! I'm about to remedy that over the next few weeks. My household is gearing up for the first ever preschool experience. We are overly excited (even though it's 3 weeks away) and not sleeping well at all. This all boils down to mom not sleeping well either, after working well into the wee hours of morning. Needless to say, exhaustion and crankiness has slipped in for this momma! I'm trying to get by, working as best I can to keep up with things. My friend Renmeleon and I have been working practically all year on a little project. We're hoping to launch a kickstarter for funding soon. It's been a bit of a challenge to keep up with this as I try to stay on top of real life, but I'm loving the artwork we're both creating! Currently there is a little sneak peek of something on the Once Upon a Cause blog and pretty soon it'll be a little bit of a contest. You see, we started out the year with four themes we were planning on attacking. First it was Unicorns,you can read why we choose unicorns here and have worked through gnomes and are now on robots! The site will be updated with gnomes soon as Ria and I get our bums in gear. Take a moment to pop on over To the Once Upon a Cause facebook page to follow along. Also stop in at the blog and look at the unicorn works!Here is just one of the many you can find there.

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