Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Coffee Cartel book pages

My pages for the Coffee Cartel book. I worked for hours staining and layering more staining and even more layers of staining to get the pages a lovely coffee color. I was almost sad when it came time to decorate the pages. It seemed almost a sin to ruin the beautiful markings left by the coffee. I decided that instead of covereing up the coffee stains, I'd use them to my advantage and create from the shapes left by the stains. We play this game in my family, something my parents started when I was small to keep us busy while we waited in restaurants. Someone will make a scribble on a sheet of paper, then the next person will take that scribble and make something of it. That is essentially what I did here, used the "images" i saw in the coffee stains and created something out of them. So the front of my pages are the "Coffee Stain Scribble Game" and the back has my psyeudo hot sleeve with my contact info , the chemical breakdown of caffeine, a small Coffee Love and a small quote.


Renmeleon said...

:::cannot stop jumping for joy as she waits in anticipation of scanning all of them and making the books:::

WOW. Too much fun and you have way too much time on your hands. ROFL :) Gorgeous!!! These are such a wonderful contribution to the book, thank you!! :::hugs:::

lois said...

You are so good at that. lois

rosebudinnh said...

this is great!!! Is this for me? LOL Rose