Thursday, September 28, 2006

crochet projects.

I've been mad for hats lately. Not to wear, but to crochet. I attempted a cloche. It's ok, but not at all what I expected. It's up for a home if anyone would like it. It's got the cute little crocheted "ribbon" detailing at the brim. It was a pattern I found, but when I tried the pattern , using gage measurements and everything, when I got almost through the whole hat I realized that it was going to be about the size of a doll's head. Not what I was looking for. So I frogged it and made my own attempt at the idea of a cloche. It didn't turn out too bad for my first attempt.

Then I attempted a different kind of hat. Now that I had an idea of the basic structure that a hat should have, I tried a skull cap of sorts. I made it much more girly than a general skull cap, giving it an open mesh feel and adding the little scalloped edge to the bottom. Then I added the pink flower. A tad much too girly for me.
I also did a little baby cap. Kind of pill box hat shapped. It's in country blue though and everyone I know has baby girls. Perhaps I should just add a few tiny pink flowers and give it to my niece. Hmmm maybe that's what I'll do. So....who wants a hat?


WolfSoulWings said...

Hi Chelsae!

I know I'm prolly the last person you'd think you'd hear from but I'm going to finish *long* letter I had started for you a few weeks ago, and ship it on Monday. I started a blog on here myself, but the uploads never made it to the page, and so that will be *tweaked* this weekend! I've been sick for a solid week, and everything... life is complicated, but I'm getting back to *myself*....writing letters, making decos, putting things together... coming out of my 2nd Dark Ages really... *sigh* You've been in my thoughts... I totally LOVE that first little blue hat! hee hee I bet someone grabbed up the offer to take it home, didn't they!? I have a light lavender knit hat, but honestly, I'm a hat fien! I LOVE ::LOVE!:: hats! All sorts! I even started to collect hat boxes to store them properly....hee hee.... I'd love to knit again! I'm a Left-Handed Knitter...not sure if I told you? Anyway... I wanted to say that I think your doing a great job with the hats! These types of crafts are hard to sort out at first, but I think you are doing grand! Hope all is well... and again... I know, I'm the last person you'd think you'd hear from.. sorry about that! =( *frowns*... ~::~Indi~::~


altermyworld said...

Chel i want a hat.
A nice warm one for the Canadian winter.
I can paypal you some funds for some cool thread.
Yah? They are so cool.