Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Learned something new today! Whoot!

Working on animated banners and ads for my shops. I cannot however figure out why I can't get them to show on blogger....I'm cornfused. :) I'll figure it out though!

well this is the beginning of the looped images. I'm still not sure what I'm doing wrong. Guess it's back to the research stage. I can get them to list as ads correctly, but I cannot list them here on blogger to show the animation. Perhaps it should be an html break down to put it in here....I'm slowly gaining a bit of intelligence when it comes to this sort of thing. :)

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Anonymous said...

ooh! EMAIL me that! i'll add it to my sig, that way, my friends who :adore!: fairies can find your shoppe! add a bit of a 'quote' as well, and that way, it will be a wicked little addition! thanks! love it! you SO rock!