Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where has May gone?

It seems like only yesterday it was the end of April and I was looking forward to May with new hope of finishing projects in the works. Now it's nearly the end of May and I don't think I've even made a small dent in the goals I had in store for May. I've got a new pile of fairies that need photographed and set up for sale. I've also got another 30 bodies dressed and waiting a trip to the hair salon. I'm hoping to take some of my day tomorrow and get at least the photographs up and shown.

I really need to buckle down and get some serious cleaning done. I think I'll play the timer trick and set a timer for 15 minutes at a time and clean piles in 15 minute increments. That way I have very little time before I switch to the next thing. That will mean I have less time to get bored and distracted. I find when I'm searching through things that I get a bit distracted. The next thing I know, two hours have passed and I've been in some sort of cluttered trance and haven't done a thing!

We're gearing up for our annual trip to Charlotte, North Carolina in June. This means P's got to dig out the comics he's taking to the convention and that's beginning to involve a lot of moving around here in our cluttered four rooms. We always start talking about getting things done early this time, but it never works out that way. We're behind yet again. It's now literally a month away and we're no further ahead than we were when we first started talking about being ahead of the game this time around.

I've been watching my nieces the past couple of Friday's and I'm really enjoying the time I get to spend with them. They're such adorable girls. D came over last friday and spent time with us too. Dae is my 6 year old Nephew. He's spent a lot of time with me over the years. When he was a tiny baby he spent one or two days with me a week with me while his mom worked. We're really close which I absolutely love! I wish I were as close with the neices as I am with Dae. He's really intelligent and comes up with some amazing discussions and melt your heart statements.

So, May is almost gone and I sit here thinking of all the things i want to finish before the end. I'm not much of a list person, though I wish sometimes I were. I've tried lists in the past, but I usually write them,then lose them. If I don't lose them, I forget that I even wrote a list. There's something to be said for people who can write a list and slowly tick off the obligations. Then there are the obsessives...those list writers who list every second of their day from the moment they put foot to floor, to the shower times, to the breaks they're taking....I have one of these types in my life and it literally drives me NUTS! She'll write a list and it will have " get up, bathroom, laundry, make breakfast, swap laundry loads, get dressed, take break, go to store, home, unpack, go to post office, home, collect papers, go to church, drop off papers.....SERIOUSLY! If I needed a list and it starts out with GET UP and has to remind me to come home from the store!!!! that's tooooooooo MUCH! I'm much happier flying by the seat of my pants. It's much more fun to not plan my day to the second. I also thinks it makes the stress of a normal day a lot easier to handle. I don't have a list that is shouting at me from my pocket, screaming of all the things I hadn't got to in a day.

Well I think I've rambled on enough for the day. I guess I just needed to pour out my brain and clear it for a good nights sleep. Hopefully tomorrow will be a productive and satisfying day!


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Anonymous said...

As I stare at the calendar stuck on "April" it would be safe to say, that I too, have become entranced with the ideas of, "Is it May?!" Could it be I'm a month behind!? I had such great hopes for May -- same as you, to become current on all the 'in process, in progress'es, to wrap up any left undone projects, and to continue onward from there! :) Somehow, I've found the opposite to have occured and its within the last ebbings of the month, that I am going to attempt to make up for my shortcomings! :) Let's see if we both can enter June a bit lighter in spirit and have our chins held high in self-accomplishments! :)

Lists. Ooh, you mean those bits of paper that are strewn about that I ambically attempt to keep track of what I need to do?! Laughs. I'm not a list maker. I'm a list attempter who lives spontantously! :) BLESS YOUR SOUL.