Saturday, May 23, 2009

More New Fairies!

Here are a few new fairies I've put together.This is Adita. Adita is wearing a pale pink lace skirt and sky blue top. She holds an adorable little birdie friend. Her hair is gunmetal grey with a pink highlight. She has metal wings.

This is Beibhinn...pronounced Bay-vin. Beibhinn wears multiple layers of white and a navy blue top. Her hair is verigated green and she holds a cats eye wand.

This is Gillian. Gillian wears lovely skirts in pinks and white with a multi colored metallic top. Her hair is a lovely shade of pale lilac. She holds three red roses in her arms. Gillian is an ornament with a white hang ribbon.

This is Lalita. Lalita has a beatiful red and white skirt with a white lace apron. Her wings are sky blue with hand drawn detail. She holds a white and black floral wand.

This is Millicent. Millicent is dressed in a short purple skirt with multiple layering to make it extra flouncy. Her hair is an adorable aqua blue with a pink Alice band. She holds a golden lantern in her hand and sports a bit of attitude. Her top is a golden yellow color and she's got tiny metal wings.

This is Pilar. Pilar is a tropical colored fairy. She wears a gorgeous peachy pink sorbet toned skirts with a tropical orange top. She holds a silver ring with a deep purple star.

This is Roxie. Roxie wears a taupe and green colored skirt with a light gold colored top. Her hair is a raspberry color which she highlights with a stylish sparkly blue pillbox hat.In her hands she holds a dark aruora borealis crystal. She's a clip but could easily be made into an ornament.

This is Shanti. Shanti wears skirts in gold and silver metallics with a sky blue overlay. Her top is done in the style of a sari with a golden mesh ribbon. Her dark black hair is braided into two braids down her back. She holds a little golden ocarina.

This is Taryn. She wears a beautiful skir in pale pinks and cream. Her top is raspberry colored which sets off her aqua hair. She's got gold metal wings. She holds the wand of hope in her hands. She's an ornament with a beige colored hang ribbon.


Anonymous said...

I sent you a private congratulations about these fairies, but felt, I best leave a note here in case others' were curiosu if anyone liked your recent additions! :) I must say, that between the photographs your taking out in the natural (fairy) environs, combined with the new clothes and sassy personalities -- I think you have a wicked new collection here! :) Hard to pick a favourite out of the lot!

Chel said...

Well thanks very kindly m'dear! I appreciate the compliments. It's nice to know my better images are making a statement. I think they look so much better than my previous attempts. Now I just have to figure out what to do in the middle of winter. :)

Anonymous said...

You could create a heap o' snow fairies, and when the blizzards are at bay, you could walk out in snowshoes and perch them near iced bushes or low lying branches. Maybe a bit of iced over (or snowed over) fence!? A mailbox?! I think you'd have just as many creative options actually! :) Your quite welcome with the compliments, but they are dearly deserved! :) :)

Chel said...

GENIUS! That's a great idea! Now why couldn't my pea sized brain think of that? ;)