Sunday, May 29, 2011

My new custom fairy names

Here's the new design idea for the custom fairy names. I think they're really nice! I liked the old style with the block lettering, but think this is ultra cute. It also affords me the ability to make a piece of art to sell and then customize at the customers request. I can build up stock and not have to worry about people not buying because they're unsure of how the fairy will look when completed. These two will be off to their new homes on Tuesday.This one is one of the open custom pieces. It's the first one I've made with the sign blank and will be the very first listed on artfire or etsy.
We'll be heading out to Charlotte in the coming week and I hope to have a chance to take some paper to work on more. I'm still working on a boys version of this idea. Haven't quite nailed it down yet. I'd better get to work! I feel bad not having an outlet for boy names (especially having a boy myself)

I'd love to hear ideas on what kind of art you'd like to see next! I love taking suggestions and seeing what happens when I put pencil to paper! It starts getting the creative juices flowing and I usually end up with four or five pieces based on the original idea. Leave me a comment and tell me what YOU'D like to see!

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Terica said...

Adorable and interesting blog. The fairies are cute too.
for the boys you may try exactly what you mentioned for them... "putting the hammer on the head. "but put a hammer is the boy's hand !:>)
BTW I am 1 one your partners from Swapbot ,hope you come by and check my blog too. Peace and happy creating!