Thursday, May 19, 2011

So slow in getting new art out there.

So here's my latest pieces...not very exciting, but it's a start. Little atc size Kawaii Little Red and Big Bad....

I've been working on more fairy names as of late. I haven't got new images yet, but they'll be coming shortly. I've changed up the format a bit and will offer both options in my shops. The one I'm currently doing will be a bit easier to sell I think. I'm starting with the fairy image, and then leaving a sign blank that I can fill with the requested name. This way, the person knows the fairy they are getting and won't have to worry about getting a fairy they might not like as well. I think this will be a lot better in shows rather than just taking special orders. Then I can pop the name in right on the spot and just have a back up of fairies to choose from. I think I'll look for a nice flip book to store them all. They'll be protected and people can flip through them to choose. I'm looking for a few new shows to do this fall and winter. I've only done one show regularly in the past, and need to start broadening it out a bit. I'm going to do a few word fairies with words like "Love" "Peace" "Courage" but I'm not sure if they'll be a good seller or not. I really need to get more of my artwork selling. Granted I don't have a lot of free time currently to do a lot of custom orders, but I need to start doing more art. I feel so disconnected if I'm not doing some kind of art project at least once a week.

Val's starting to "draw" it's ADORABLE. Though he's more interested in eating the crayons rather than drawing with them. He's made a few "pictures" that we're sending off to people. Daddy got the first crayon piece. Grandma got the second finger painting piece. The finger painting doesn't go quite as well as the coloring does. He just wants to eat the paint, not paint with it. I'm looking forward to the days of art projects and the never empty box of creative recycled bits to play with! Patrick will think I'm nuts, and call me "Eliza" (inside joke) but I don't care. Some of my best memories are of doing art projects at home with non-artsy materials. My mom was queen of the crafty art projects.

Well it's late and I should really be in bed. Been burning the candle at both ends a bit too much lately. Thankfully it hasn't yet reared it's ugly head in sickness I'd best watch it! New art to follow this weekend.

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