Saturday, November 20, 2010

Creations from the week

Here are some things I've done this week!

Zentangle-esque bookmark. This was the first I made, then lost, then found again. I did a second to replace the first one but as always, the first one was nicest.
Well I guess looking at them both close together... they're both nice in their own way. The first one I did based around a henna design idea. I love mehndi, it's such a gorgeous artform. I've done a few images in my own mehndi style. I'm getting a bit better each time I do it.. I'd love to atually try doing it with real henna sometime, but that's a whole other beast. For now I'll stick to my sharpies.

Speaking of my Sharpie addiction: Here's a sharpie piece I did yesterday.

I did this piece intending to send it off for a swap that's due in December. I decided instead to send it to my friend's mother-in-law. She's battling cancer for the second time and going through chemotherapy again. I figured something so bright and cheery just might make her day.

Then I've been getting back into atcs again! HELLO atcs! It's been so long my friends. I was in a totoro swap and did a little white totoro atc. That's the other piece of art that disappeared a few days ago and I had to make a replacement for. So this is my replacement piece:
He turned out pretty cute I think. My other one was a bit better if I remember correctly, but i could be totally wrong.

YAY! Now all I have to do is break out the paints for the painting guild and I'll be on a roooooolllllll!

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Rick said...

Nice to catch up on all that you've been up to. I really like your sharpie drawings. I've done any "sharpie art" but my wife has. Maybe I'll try it sometime!

(that's better :))