Monday, November 15, 2010

Finally some creation time!

Things are starting to hit a predictable ebb and flow here. Valor still has his days ( like today) where napping seems almost non-existent and I'd been up most of the night with him. Days like today are when the art time comes in and soothes the stress or anxiousness.
Thankfully I've got a lot of custom fairies to work on. I'm hoping once I get them all colored in, the pencil sketches are already done, I'll be able to draw some more sales from the 6 I just had. More variety in names, and coloring I think will help.
Here are the pencil sketches, granted they're really light. They turned out really cute! The fun thing is, of the 6 images, 4 are modeled slightly after darling little girls. The hair styles and skin coloring, once colored in, will be a perfect match. I also like customizing the colors to match the girls favorite colors.
Here's a few close up shots of them:

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