Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Art

YAY! I've gotten more art done in the last couple days that I have in a long time! I'm so excited. It's nice to be on the other end of the busy train for once and being able to tune in to my creative muse is helping to clear my head. I actually think I'm becoming more inspired as I get back into the art thing. Art therapy is GOOD!
So here are things that I worked on this week. Just think, I'll be pulling out the paints soon!
I am doing a swap and needed five post cards and based on the profiles these are four of the five that I have tailored to their specific "likes". Two of the swappers love recycled paper, or interesting papers. Anyone who knows me knows that I do know usually do "collage" or "scrapping" type artwork. I love the results people get with it, but it just doesn't jive with my brain. So these two cards are what I came up with from my box of random paper "junque".

then I broke out my favorite sharpies and went to town. One girl likes crows, and I've done a lot of crow art in the past. I dreamed this idea last night and just had to see how it would turn out. I kind of like the results. I didn't do it exactly how I had dreamed it, but I was just doing a trial run to see if I liked the end product. I think I'll be trying it with other things.

and the last of my entries for tonight as it's really late and I promised myself I was going to be in bed early tonight **snicker** Another sharpie piece. This based on the fact that the person liked blues and greens. I'm always happy slapping a lot of sharpie onto a nice slice of vellum bristol! It's like a runners high. Well ok, the fumes might have something to do with that, but I don't even notice them anymore. I've been working with sharpies for far too long. So here's the piece, it's a little bit nature a little bit abstract.

I guess being completely sleep deprived over the last few day's might be a good thing. I think it's forced my brain to think outside of the box. I took on the challenge of writing a techniques feature on the Passion for Painting Guild Blog. That's going to force me to try things I wouldn't have otherwise done. I'm kind of excited about it all!

So, for now, I turn in for the night. I'm hoping to get a really nice night's sleep...though I might have to wait until Thursday for that. I'm thinking tomorrow just might be a good day for a late afternoon nap while Val's down for his nap. NIGHT ALL!

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Arlene said...

I love your postcards! I especially like the collaged ones - I know exactly what you mean about collage, though. I love other peoples' collages but I can't seem to create the really elegant ones that I see others have. I think yours are great though! your crow sharpie one is really clever - love how you used the words to fill in the colors. Very creative!