Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Custom fairy Special Order 1 down 5 more to go

I finished my first custom fairy order from last weekend today. It turned out really cute. I really love doing these, and these next few are particularly special. I'm modeling them after the girls they're going to! How fun is that?

So this is my first of the six that were ordered. I don't normally do colored eyes, but figured I'd try them out for this one. I'm letting her mom decide if she wants to keep them green, or make them black like most of my fairies eyes usually are.

She's got the most gorgeous red hair and I'm hoping I've done well in capturing the beauty of it in all it's fiery red auburn gloriousness. Most of the time when I do red headed fairies, they're cartoon-y red and funky. I like it that way, don't get me wrong, I think it's fitting with the whimsical style of my art. This one is an attempt to make it a bit more "real"

She's also got silver lined shoes! That's new in my fairies. I don't know what possessed me to give her silver soles, but I did it. I'm now thinking over the multi-colored names I've been doing and wondering if I should just start making the names in all one color, or just straight black so they really stand out. I think the multi-color is fun, but it tends to not POP off the page like I'd like. While the fairies are the central art, the name is what makes it special. I think I'll pose this question to my fb page and see what the consensus is on which people would prefer.

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Franni said...

I love this one the multicolor name is cute, do mix and match maybe give options??
Any way great job on this!!